real relief

anxiety • panic attacks • stagefright
stress overload • phobias • creative blocks
lighter • calmer • happier • confident • motivated
empowered • successful

real possibilities


"…it was amazing how the emotions that had been causing me problems just seemed to melt away. I felt a great sense of release…I still feel very relaxed now, which is a very rare thing for me!"


I wish I had known EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques- when:

He said " We have a free trip to Hawaii! " and we didn't go… because I could not even think about, let alone talk about, let alone consider getting on a plane…

I sat at the piano, at the competition, having learned and memorized my pieces, knowing them very well… and I did not play one note…I could not remember how to begin…so I went home and cried…
and then played the pieces beautifully…

I suffered with a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder due to intense emotional stress, but I didn't understand the connection back then…

You can begin to experience significant shifts in only minutes…
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