Emotional Freedom Techniques

•  highly effective process for neutralizing stress and anxiety
•  releases negative and limiting beliefs on a deep and lasting level
•  often works when nothing else will

real relief

performance anxiety  •  panic attacks  •  physical tension  •  chronic pain

lighter • calmer • happier • confident • motivated • empowered • greater physical ease

real possibilities


What if you could look forward to performing,
prepare with confidence and focus,
think clearly on your exams,
feel at ease presenting,
truly feel calm?


"…it was amazing how the emotions that had been causing me problems just seemed to melt away. I felt a great sense of release…I still feel very relaxed now, which is a very rare thing for me!"


"I don't think I'll ever forget the powerful experience of… feeling strong emotions welling up as you and I tapped.  It was a powerful experience I didn't expect…I want you to know that I was very moved by your ability to help me get to the heart of my issues…"


I know anxiety.  I know anxiety in its myriad of forms, including out-of-the-blue panic attacks, unrelenting panic attacks, freaking out when I'm in the bank safe-deposit vault, frozen in fear and unable to even make a plane reservation let alone get on a plane, feeling wracked with nervousness weeks before a performance and then getting sick with a fever an hour before I walk on stage, unable to get up in front of a room full of people and say "hello" much less anything else….oh the examples go on and on….

Happily, I also know relief from anxiety.  I know that it is possible because I have experienced it.  While I cannot say that I am totally and completely free from all anxiety, as I am not yet there,  I have come a long way.  And I have experienced new possibilities that would have been, for me, science fiction not too long ago.

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When it comes to EFT
~ even a subtle shift can change your life ~