Emotional Freedom Techniques

  freedom to be and feel your best self

real relief

anxious  •  stressed  •  stuck  •  sick of the status quo


lighter • calmer • happier • confident • empowered
motivated  •  joyful

real possibilities



Beautiful. Loved it. As I tapped along during the "angry because" section, I had a list of things come to mind which was enlightening. A little emotional, too. And, I really liked the affirmation and acceptance phrases! Helpful, I think! Thank you for all the work in creating your practice and offering this audio. You are gifted!"   Marilyn Haverly


I work with clients who:
want to feel free of problematic grief, anger, anxiety, weight, or other challenges
are ill and want to optimize their body's ability to heal
want to move forward in one or more areas of their life but feel stuck or blocked
You can begin to experience significant shifts in only minutes…
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