EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques


real relief

 panic attacks ~ performance anxiety ~ physical tension ~ phobias ~ stress and overwhelm
calm ~ confident ~ grounded ~ energized ~ moving with ease ~ motivated ~ empowered

real possibilities


“…it was amazing how the emotions that had been causing me problems just seemed to melt away. I felt a great sense of release…I still feel very relaxed now, which is a very rare thing for me!”


How EFT helped me overcome an extreme and longstanding fear of flying:

Once upon a time, I gave up a trip to Hawaii (a free trip, mind you) because I could not get on a plane.  I could not even discuss the fact that I could not get on a plane.  I could not even think about it, let alone discuss it, let alone consider alternatives like, perhaps, temporary medication.  This anxiety was beyond anything I could handle.  And this
fear of flying, and total avoidance of flying stayed with me for many years.  I missed out on a lot.

Then one day, I decided that I really wanted to go visit family members who lived thousands of miles away.  I had avoided seeing them for years because I couldn’t get myself there.  The cage I had kept myself in felt horrible.  And I felt really badly that I had missed seeing the kids grow up.

So, after years of avoidance, procrastination and fear, I bit the bullet and worked with an EFT practitioner.  As a result, I felt much more comfortable and able to contemplate going, look up airfares, make a reservation and get on the plane.  Finally, I saw family members I had missed for so long.

And the moral of the story is:  You don’t have to wait.  Real relief and new possibilities are available now.

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When it comes to EFT
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